Sunday, 24 May 2015

Another Cool Week

Although I think this week coming will be a slow one because mostly everyone that I wrote has replied back to me.. To keep up with the last few postings I received yet another one of my 1971 CFL cards back signed. This one came from Moe 'The Toe' Racine.He kindly signed the 2 cards I sent to him and he also enclosed one of his own cards which is a 2014 CFL Alumni Hall of Fame Card

The next one that I got this week is from an actress that is really just starting out and she will be the voice of Lucy in the new show 'Killjoys' which I am looking forward to seeing when it starts in early June. The show is about a fun loving trio of bounty hunters in space who attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants. 
When I was a kid I loved watching 'The Bionic Woman' and 'The Six Million Dollar Man' and who could forget the men who made them what they were Prof. Sharp. I wrote to Alan Oppenheimer awhile ago and he sent me 2 photo's personalized. One on the top is from an episode of 'The Bionic Woman'. The one below is a head shot of what he looks like today. Alan is also a Voice Over actor for cartoon and movies. He is the voice of Falkor in the movie The Neverending Story.
Now last but defiantly not least about a month ago I found an address to Susan Richardson who I was and still am a big fan of. She played Susan Bradford on a tv show called 'Eight Is Enough'. I wrote to her and she replied to me by sending me 4 print out pictures that she signed to me and also on the last one she wrote me a nice note about me remembering her early work. She had did a very early episode of 'Happy Days' 


Friday, 15 May 2015

Nice Week

Since I really don't send many letters out as much as I use to and no one really coming to Town so my autograph collecting is a little slower. This week I recieved another one of my 71 CFL cards back. This one comes from Wayne Giardino who played for the Ottawa Roughriders.

Also my wife and I were browsing a store and flipping through books and my wife found a copy of Wishful Drinking which was signed by Carrie Fisher who is most famous for portraying Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies.The book was signed back in 2011 when she was in Toronto touring with her play Wishful Drinking. This is a very cool addition to my collection.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Autographs: A very cool one today.

My Autographs: A very cool one today.: I received my 71 CFL card back today signed by Bob Howes. he also signed my custom card as well and wrote me a letter Bob played in the CFL ...

A very cool one today.

I received my 71 CFL card back today signed by Bob Howes. he also signed my custom card as well and wrote me a letter Bob played in the CFL for 14 years and won 5 Grey Cups. He played for the B.C Lions from 68-71 then Edmonton Eskimos from 72-81 where he won all 5 of his Grey Cup Rings. Very nice addition to my collection.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Tony Danza & Jerry O'Connell

I got to add 2 playbills to my collection recently. The 1st one is signed by Tony Danza who is best known for the tv shows TAXI and Who's The Boss?. I wrote to him but I was afraid that the show ended before my letter got to him. The 2nd one is signed by Jerry O'Connell who is best known as Vern in 'Stand By Me' and 'My Secret Identity' and 'Crossing Jordan' that he did as an adult. Great addition to my collection

Artists at free comic book day

 Well the weekend is here and I was away for awhile this afternoon getting a few Autographs. Today is free comic book day so I went over to our local store and they had 3 guest there. Steve McGinnis, Brian Anstee and Gibson Quarter. I got these 2 pieces from Steve. They are Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. You should see some of the people he draws.

Next up I met Brian Anstee  Because I am a fan of the X-Men I settled for a print of Wolverine. He signed and personalized it to me. I asked for it to be personalized. He's a real nice guy to talk to. Then Gibson Quarter came in and I decided to buy one of his comics and asked him to personalize it which he did.  It was a great Free comic day BTW I got 2 comics.
STEVE AND GIBSON ONLINE                                        
Steve McGinnis Illustration Link
Gibson Quarter Art